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You should hold in the middle of NipNap and not too far up. Do not press NipNap too hard.

NipNap is made of raw bamboo which means that the tree is not treated with any chemicals. Therefore, NipNap is somewhat vulnerable to machine wash and prefers to be washed with dish soap in the sink. We recommend warm water, dish soap and a dish brush, and then your NipNap is ready to use again.

For sure! NipNap is easy to use and you will quickly find how to easily grab multiple chips from the bag or bowl and into the mouth. So we can reassure you that this is not an issue.

NipNap has been consumer tested for all classes in the Danish public school. Based on this research, it can be concluded that especially children from age 10 and up benefit greatly from NipNap. However, depending on the individual child, younger children may also benefit from the product as each individual child develops differently motorically.

For sure – only your imagination sets the limit. Amongst other things, NipNap can be used for nuts, popcorn, jelly bears, fruit, or even sushi (for those struggling with the chopsticks).  

NipNap is approved by the Danish Food Administration.